Rights and Responsibilities

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Rights and Responsibilities

5 Rights that I think are Important:1) Every citizen of Canada has the right to enter, remain in and leave Canada. (Mobility Right #1)2) Everyone has the: freedom of conscience and religion; (Fundamental Freedom #1)3) Eveyone has the: freedom of peaceful assembly; (Fundamental Freedom #3)4) Every citizen of Canada has the right to vote in an election (Democratic Rights of Citizens #1)5) Everyone should expect a clean and healthyenvironment (Social Freedoms & Expectations #2)

Corresponding Responsibilities1) You are responsible to follow the "rules of the road": travel laws and provide specific documents (like passports, driver's license) when needed.2) You have the responsibility to treat everyone with respect and dignity.3) You have the responsibilty to respect others opinions and not have a violent assembly.4) You are responsible for participating in elections and choosing a candidate that reflects your wants/opinions.5) You are responsible for actively and consistantly taking care of the environment.

1) Democracy should allow you to travel to wherever you want to go!

2) Democracy gives us freedom to express and our beliefs.

2) Be accepting of not only the expression of religions, but also the practice.

1) Be responsible while traveling because it can make the whole process easier.

3) Democracy lets us protest against opinions/ actions efficiently and peacefully

Rights & Responsibilities in our Democracy

3) Be responsible in your words and actions- including respecting opinions without using violence!

4) Democracy gives us the right to vote because in democratic politics, every vote counts.

4) Be aware of how important it is to vote- don't complain about the results if you didn't take part!

5) Democracy reminds us that we all need a healthy environment to thrive.

5) Be conscious in your actions because they all affect your environment


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