Right of freedom of speech

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Right of freedom of speech

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Freedom of exercising religion is a right that is in the first amendment. In order to protect the religious from these views, we should prevent people from saying these offensive things. We respect the believer but not necessarily the content of the belief. We also have the right to believe whatever we please. Another thing is you don’t have to believe whatever other people believe in.

First Amendment is why we have freedom of speech. In the the first amendment, it says we have the right to say what we please. If a president would try to take the right way, they would be impeached. The first amendment protects you when you express your opinion. So, nobody could put you in jail or punish from keeping you from expressing your opinion.

Do you like speaking your mind or expressing your opinion? Well the first amendment allows you to have that right. What if you didn’t have the right of freedom of speech? Freedom of speech should NOT be limited because of the the First Amendment, we have the right of Freedom of speech, Freedom of expression, free exercise of religion, and etc.

People should have the right of freedom of speech

First Amendment

Freedom of Expression means the process of making known one's thoughts, feelings, or action. Very important for the press and media as it allows a greater degree of political freedom, which is key for a true democracy to function freely. People can assemble for peaceful protests without any fear of danger of imprisonment. Expression also means people can learn from others who might be expressing an unusual point of view that has not previously been considered.

Freedom of Expression

If someone were to say, Freedom of speech means we are largely able to say what we like about others, which can sometimes lead to untrue, hurtful. I would say, well then people need to not be a little kid and that is the whole point of have the right to speech. Government must protect its citizens from foreign enemies and internal enemies. We have the right to protest and said whatever is on your mind, no matter what it is. We accept this limit on free speech, therefore the principle is conceded. We also have the right to openly speak your minds

Freedom of Religion

Counter argument

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