Riemann Sums

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Riemann Sums

Riemann Sums

Bernhard Riemann1826 – 1866

One of the basic problems in calculus is to find the area under the curve, that is, the area between the curve and the x-axis between any two values of x.To approximate the area under the curve, we can use rectangles.

The more rectangles we use, the more calculations we will have to make, but the approximation will get better and better.

Standard: Use Riemann sums (left, right, and midpoint evaluation points) and trapezoidal sums to approximate definite integrals of functions represented algebraically, graphically, and by tables of values Click to go to AP Course Description

Katie BurdenWednesday 4:15 PM

Check out this virtual manipulative!

Here's the formula for the Riemann Sum


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