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Rick Riordan



-Percy Jackson-Kane Chronicles-Heroes of Olympus-Big Red TequilaHis writing style is mainly writing stories of mythologies. He gets a lot of ideas for his books from real life, like the idea for Camp Half-Blood (Percy Jackson) he got the idea from a camp he worked at.

Rick Riordan was born on June 5, 1964 in San Antonio, Texas. He lives in Boston with his wife, two sons and his dog Speedy. He went to Almo Heights High school. In high school he won third place in state for a writing contest. He first went to North Texas State and then transferred over to the University of Texas in Austin. He taught english and history for fifteen years in private and public schools. He first decided to write about mythology when his son Haley asked him to read him bed time stories of Greek mythology. When Riordan was out of stories he came up with his own story. He told his son a shorter version of his book the Lighting Thief. He got the idea for this book when he remebered one of the projects he asked his students to due. They had to come up with a hero whose parent was a god or goddess, and what powers they had.

Rick Riordan

-Mark Twain Award-Rebecca Caudill-Childrens Choice award for best author



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Rick Riordan based Percy Jacksons ADHD and dyslexia on his son who also has ADHD and dyslexia. On Rick Riordan's cite it says to paraphrase if your doing a school report on him. When he was in high school he published an underground newspaper making fun of his school.

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