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Rick Riordan

Rick Riordan has done many books at the time including the Percy Jackson series and also the Kane series and many more. He is a best selling author in New York for his Percy Series that he has created. To start of with the beginning, Rick was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas on June 5th, 1964, That means he is 50 in this year. He graduated from College which was The University of Texas. During his adult life, he was a teacher of English and Social Studies working at a High School which was called Alamo Heights High School for 8 years. That is how he comes up with the Percy Jackson series because he taught Social Studies of ancient mythology. He had left his job and decided to make books for his kids. He made series called the Tres Navarre series and the Kane Series. Now during this time, he is a stay at home dad taking care of his 2 sons and wife while writing books. He doesnt have alot of things that are going on with him right now but he is making a Book Called the Blood of Olympus and has recently published the Sword of Summer.

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Rick Riordan

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