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Richard Wright

Wright was born on September 4, 1908, near Natchez, Mississippi. His formal education ended after the ninth grade. In 1926, he moved to Memphis and worked for an optical company. During that time, he gained access to the public library. He read many books during this period which inspired him to become a writer. Richard moved to Chicago in 1927 and worked for the post office before publishing his first stories. His novel Native Son, published in 1940, became a bestseller. Black Boy, his autobiogrpahy was published in 1945. Richard Wright died in France in 1960.


His novel Native Son was a bestseller! His autobiography, Black Boy, was very popular.

Richard Wright



1908- Richard Wright is born1926- Moved to Memphis and worked for an optical company1927- Moved to Chicago and worked for the post office1940- Published his first novel, Native Son1945- Published his autobiography1960- Richard Wright dies


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