[2015] esti sanchez: RICHARD STRAUSS

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[2015] esti sanchez: RICHARD STRAUSS

Richard Georg Strauss was born on Munich, Germany in 11th June 1864 and he died on 8th September 1949, in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, western Germany, at the age of 85 because of natural causes. He died after the Second World War, he was really tired and old. Pauline, his wife, died 8 months after.

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The symphonic poem Don Juan made him internationally famous, in 1888.

His family was rich, most of them were composers, so he had an excellent musical education in his youth. At the age of 4, his mother taught him piano and three years later he learned to play the violin. His dad was Franz Strauss, who was a famous musician too. When he was only 6, he composed his first work.

He studied Philosophy and History of Art in the university of Munich.When he finished his studies he went to Berlin where he got a job as the director of Hans von Bülow.

He travelled to Italy, country he always felt a great fascination, Greece, Egypt and Sicily. After that, he became the director of the opera of Berlin. In 1894 he married the soprano Pauline de Ahna and he dedicated many works to her. They had a son called Franz.

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