[2015] Blayden Merriman: Richard Peck

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[2015] Blayden Merriman: Richard Peck

BiographyRichard peck is an author who grew up in Decatur,Illinois. He was born onApril 10, 1934. He began his career as a high school teacher. Richard was later transfered to a junior high school to teach english. He decided to cut his teaching career short and and decided to write. Here is one of his most famous quotes "ironically, it was my students who taught me to be a writer, though I was hired to teach them."

Famous Books-A Long Way From Chicago-A Season of Gifts-A Year Down Yonder-Secrets at Sea-Are you in the House Alone

-He is still alive and he is 81 years old-He starred in two movies called Gas Food Logding, and Child of Glass

Awards-John Newbery Medal,-Edgar Award for Best Juvenile, -Anne V. Zarrow Award for Young Readers' Literature

Family-His mother was Virgina Grey Peck and she was a Wesleyan University graduate-His Father was Wayne Peck and he owned a service station- His Sister Cheryl is an administrator at a college in Springfield, Illinois.

Education-Peck studied at DePauw University, earning a bachelor's degree in English in 1956.-He spent his junior year at Exeter University

This was Mr. Peck when he was young

Richard (Wayne) Peck


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