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Richard Nixon

Richard Nixon was the 37th president of the United States. He was the first and only president to resign from office. During and after his presidency he did some good things for the United States. He also made some mistakes. He had brothers and sisters, married and had children of his own. One of his daughters married Eisenhower's grandson. After resigning as president, he advised 5 presidents and wrote 10 successful books. He traveled and helped in the U.S and abroad. He was by his wife's side when she died and later died from a stroke.


1913- Born 1937- Graduates law school1940- Gets married1942- Joins Navy1946- Elected into House of Representatives1950- Elected into Senate1968- Elected President1974- Resigns as president1974-94- advised 5 presidents and wrote 10 books

Graduated Law SchoolRanked Lt. Commander in NavyBecame a House of Representative and SenatorTraveled around the world aiding in foreign affairsBecame presidentPlanned to honorably end the Vietnam WarInvited to China after years of silenceProvided foreign aid to needy countries

Lasting Impact

Although Nixon is famous for the Watergate Scandal, he accomplished great things before and after his presidency.

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Richard Nixon- 37th President of United States



Resignation Speech


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