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Richard Nixon

China - Nixon and his wife traveled to China in February 1972. This gave Americans their first glimpse of daily life in China. It also helped increase relations between the two governments.Vietnam - Thought that by making the Vietnames believe he was mad, they would surrender for fear of nuclear attack. This backfired, prolonging the conflict instead.Latin America - Added more covert operations against Cuba and its president, Fidel Castro.Soviet Union - Nixon wanted nuclear peace. He also increased relations with the S.U. dramatically.Middle East - Supplied arms to many countires, including Iran, Isreal, and Saudi Arabia. He encouraged these countries to bring peace to their regions.

Richard Nixon


1913 - Born in Yorba Linda, California1934 - Graduated from Whittier College1946 - Elected to represent California in the House1950 - Elected to represent California in Senate1969 - Elected as president1972 - Watergate Scandle was confirmed1974 - Resigned from office

The Watergate scandal was a major political scandal that was a result of the 1972 break-in at the Democratic National Committee Headquarters. The event started with the arrest of five men for the break-in. The FBI connected cash found on the men to a fund used by the Committee of Re-Election of the President. It was later revealed that Nixon had a tape recording system in the Oval Office and had been recording various conversations.

Other Facts

Lost the 1960 election to JFK in the closest election in U.S. historyEstablished the EPAEncouraged desegragation in the southLaunched a $100 million dollar program to help build and maintain cancer centersWrote ten best-sellers on domestic and international affairs

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