Richard Nixon

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Richard Nixon

Major Contributions:International affairs- opened lines of communication and trade with people of China.He reversed many of the social and economic welfare programs. Nixon adopted a passive stance toward efforts by African Americans to acheive educational, economic, and social equality. He also camaigned to withdraw troops from the Vietnam war.

Events in History:July 25, 1969Nixon affirms his disire to withdraw U.S troops from south west Asia and declares that individual nations will bear a larger responsibility for their own security.

Bills: Vetoed- 43


Richard Nixon


Vice Presidents:Gerald Ford (1973-1974) & Spiro Agnew (1969-1973)

Cabinet Members

Secratary of State:-William P. Rogers (1969-1973)- Henry A. Kissinger (1973-1974)

January 30, 1974

Secratary of Treasury:-David M. Kennedy (1969-1970)-John B. Connally, Jr (1971-1972)-George P. Schultz (1972-1974)-William E. Simon (1974)

Secratary of Defense:-Melvin R. Laird (1969-1972)-Elliot L. Richardson (1973)-James R. Schlesinger (1973-1974)

Attorney General:-John N. Mitchell (1969-1972)-Richard G. Kleindienst (1972-1973)-Elliot L. Richardson (1973)-William B. Saxbe (1974)

August 8, 1974Nixon resigns the presidency.

April 30, 1973Nixon admits responsibility for the Watergate Affair on television.

State of the Union Adress

Brodcasted over radio and television


Changes in America:He wanted to put America back together because the nation was painfully divided, with turbulence in the cities and war over seas.

Overall Message:Because of the administration, America and the world has changed. As a result of those changes America is safer today, with greater opportunity for more of its people than ever before in history.


Idea:A statue of two hands doing a handshake.

Memorial Block

Three Reasons:1. One of his accomplishments was making a treaty with Russia over nuclear wepons.2. He met with a lot of other country's leaders3. Nixon also reduced tensions with China

Major Issues:Nixon wanted to make a new system that makes high quality health care available for every american, a crucial breakthrough toward better city transportation, and protecting the right of personal privacy for every American.


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