Richard III RSC 2012

by Tludwin
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Richard III RSC 2012

British Theatre ReviewKevin Quarmby22 March 2012 to 15 September 2012"Into this world steps Jonjo O’Neill as Richard, Duke of Gloucester. No longer a stock villain, this Richard is a sensual, sexual predatory beast whose tangible charm and charisma have unexpectedly immediate effects on the young members of the audience.""A remarkable production this undoubtedly is. At well over three-and-a-quarter hours, the Swan’s Richard III could seem a marathon were it not for the pace of Roxana Silbert’s excellent direction, and the performance by the play’s central character.""Silbert offers a Richard III that rewrites the theatrical history of this Shakespeare villain. Gone is the grotesque monster. In his place is the active, aggressive, sexual and manipulative outsider whose seeming innocence masks the true nature of his hatred and ambition."

Directed By:Roxanne SilbertStarring:Jonjo O'Neill

Richard III

Royal Shakespeare Company

2012 Production

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