Richard III 1995

by Tludwin
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Richard III 1995

A Conversation With Ian McKellen"It's a good story--very well told, and because we can relate it to our own times because there are still villians in high places in international affairs, or maybe closer to home, the story goes on being relevant.""When you see Richard III on the stage or of the stage or on the screen you discover that he's got a sense of humor, that he makes you laugh, that he is an engaging villian. Frankly, more entertaining than some of the people he bumps off.""Another reason Richard III is so popular is because [Richard III] is such a fantastic character for an actor to play that the very best ones, in the theatre at least, like to have a crack at it, and if they bring it off...then you're going to have a good time watching them. If the part weren't any good then neither would the actors be and the audience wouldn't bother either."

Richard III

1995 Film Adaptation

Directed By: Richard LoncraineStarring: Ian McKellen

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