Richard Henry Lee

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Richard Henry Lee

-Born in Virginia-January 20, 1732-Westermoreland County-7th child of 11-5th Son-Very rich family

RichardHenry Lee

My Life

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-Went to private school in Wakefield, Yorkshire, England-Family hass been very active in Virginia Politics since 1640's-Brother, Francis Lightfoot Lee, also signed Declaration

-Proposed the Declaration-Elected into Virgina's Legislature in 1758-Served 17 years-Served 5 interrupted years in Continential Congress-President of Congress from late 1784-1785-Elected senator in 1758

-Proposed on June 7, 1776 that America be free-Left and missed vote on July 2 due to family illness-Returned in August to sign-Became Virginia's Rep.-Wasn't elected 1771, but became fill-in delegation-Soon electeedd President of Congress-Senator after resigning until 1792

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