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Richard Dyer's Theory

Star PersonaRichard Dyer's Theory

Four Strands of star theory1. Star as as product3. Star as embodiments of ideologies/cultures4.Star as personalities

Dyer's 'Star Theory'

SIA Sia however has a very discrete star persona as she is very different to other music artists. For example she does not show her faces in her videos to avoid too much public attention whilst most artist like the idea of being famous and recognized.

A star persona is a person with their ideas and marketing combined to make them 'sellable.'

NICKI MINAJNicki Minaj is a very outgoing music artist who has a very bubbly personality, and is known to be one of the very few female rappers. Her songs usually consist of pop/r&b genre. In her music videos she is commonly shown to be the one incharge and she also shows off a lot of her body.


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