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 Richard Cory

Richard Cory

Why does Richard Cory kill himself?The poem does not answer this question. But of course the reader may freely speculate on it. Perhaps, because he has everything, he has nothing to do and feels useless. Or it could be that he lacks the one thing that others in the town have: a caring family? Maybe he is in bad health or has suffered a financial reversal. Does the Simon and Garfunkel video round out the character of Richard Cory or only add more questions?In a multiparagraph response explain why you believe Richard Cory may have committed suicide. What are some ways these obstacles could have been overcome? Type your response in a word document and submit to your teacher.

ThemesThree themes stand out in this poem:1. Appearances are deceiving—or, put another way, you can’t tell a book by its cover. 2. Money can’t buy happiness. 3. You can’t judge people by what they have, but only by what they are.It turns out that beneath his veneer of wealth and respectability, Richard Cory is a deeply disturbed, very unhappy man. Even though he has everything in one sense, he has nothing in another. He is an emotional pauper.

Richard Cory.Why does Cory Richard kill himself?What are some ways these obstacles could have been overcome? Richard Cory was known as a very happy man, rich, gentle, and very human, very normal to everyone, he had everything. He might have had it all but no one knows what he actually felt inside his thought and behind closed doors. Depression could be one cause of his suicidal death. A person that suffers from depression usually have suicidal thoughts. Due to the fact that he’s not happy with himself. There are a lot of reasons a person can fall into depression. It could’ve been by love, or sexual abuse even lack of communication with others you may have it all but if you don’t love yourself and you let thoughts invade your life. Negative thoughts about life can lead to suicide. He could have overcome his depression by seeking help. As him being well known and wealthy and recognized maybe he didn’t seek help because he was afraid of what people might think. There a lot of ways of committing suicide, by gun,drugs,or using another object as weapon, some well-known celebrities known that also fell into depression and committed suicide, were Jazz singer Amy Winehouse And Singer Kurt Cobain From the famous rock band called nirvana. Robin Williams a famous actor also fell in the hands of depression and committed suicide. That shows that sometimes, money, fame, and recognition is not always a human’s happiness. If you’re not happy with yourself and the way you live it can have sad consequences.


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