Richard Burbage

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Richard Burbage

Richard Burbage

His acting style was similar to the method actors of todayHe assumed the identity of the character he was playingExcelled in tragediesHe was performing at the Globe Theater at the time it caught fire and was destroyed on June 29, 1613Very skilled Painter who most likely painted his own self portrait


About His Father


Family: Son of James Burbage and younger brother of CuthbertCareer - Actor, theatrical entrepreneur and painterKnown as the most famous actor of the Globe Theatre of his timePrincipal actor in plays written by both Ben Jonson and William ShakespeareOne of the leading actors to perform in William Shakespeare's First Folio

Founded the first theater (named "The Theater")Was also an actor like his sonAlso had a large impact on Shakespeare

Born in 1567 in Stratford-upon-Avon, same as ShakespeareDied in 1619 -- his gravestone simply reads "Exit Burbage"

After his father died, he owned The Theater and Blackfriars theater Took on lead roles in plays at twenty years oldPlayed all of the most celebrated lead roles of of William Shakespeare In 1596 Richard and his brother (Cuthbert), pulled down the Shoreditch house and used the materials to construct the Globe


Kristin Bell, Ryan Locke

Website about Richard Burbage

Painting of Shakespeare painted by Burbage


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