Richard 1 The Lionheart

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Richard 1 The Lionheart

- September 8, 1157 Beaumont Palace in Oxford- 3d King Henry II's son and favourite of his mother, Eleanor of Aquitaine's- Richard I was taken to Aquataine.- In 1172 Richard, Henry III and Geoffrey went the war against their father- Richard I refused to fight his father and in 1174 Richard I swore an oath stating his loyalty to him - Richard the heir of English throne- 1179 Aquitaine rebellion: proved himselfe as excellent knight- Fought a last war against his father and took the throne of England at 31


Known as Richard the Lionheart due to his nobility, bravery and greatness as military leader. Richard I has left behind a name which has passed trough the centuries and have not been forgotten, becoming legendary.

-Sicily and Cyprus-1191, the Siege Of Acre -was captured-One of history's last great sieges -Richard I emerged as a life hero-Survival of the crusader kingdoms-In 7th September, 1191, Arsuf-Most known and successful cavalry battles-Proved greatness as a warrior leader-Successfully defeated Saladin-September 10, defeated port-city Jaffa-Truce to Saladin: give Jerusalem to his nephew Saphadin, whom should marry his sister Joanna->peace between Christians and Muslims-3rd January, in 1192 the battle began-Performed knightly deeds-Was not able to capture Jerusalem-September 2, in 1192, truce for 3 years: Cristians freely could attempt Jerusalem; remained in undisturbed possession of the coast from Jaffa to Tyre

Third Crusade

-Rose funds: sells lands, offices, raises taxes (Jews)-Recapture Holy Land from the Muslims; restore Christian supremacy in Syria-Demonstrated bravery and ability to go till the end -Nephew Arthur of Brittany-heir -In 1190, Richard I, Philip Of France and Frederick Barbarossa of Germany-"The Lionheart":demonstrated his bravery and strong military skills


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"I would sell London, if there was anyone to take it"

King of England 1189- 1199

Richard I The Lionheart

-John; king Philip plotting to take the English crown-Duke Leopold of Austria puts him in prison -March 1194 was free -France: strengthening borders (Saucy Castle at Les Andelys)-Dies on 6 April in 1199 in the siege of Chalus


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