Ribosomes For Supreme Ruler Of The Cell

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Cell Biology

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Ribosomes For Supreme Ruler Of The Cell

Ribosomes for Supreme Ruler of The Cell

Ribosomes are the most important organelle by far. They are what make proteins in the cell so the cell can carry out almost all of its functions. Without the Ribosome the cell wouldnt be able to survive because proteins are necessary to carry out life.

Ribosomes are composed of RNA and proteins. Which makes them almost self sustainable and they don't rely on many other sources

The proteins in Ribosomes help it carry out their functions of making new proteins while the RNA gives it the instruction of what order to put the amino acids in

Without proteins no organism would be able to have an immune system, which would cause virus' to kill off every living thing on the planet

Proteins make enzymes that help carry out reactions in an organism like the breakdown of other compounds for energy. Without this, the ecosystem couldn't recycle its recources throught the circle of life.

Without Ribosomes no living organsims would be able to survive on this planet

1. Non functioning lysosomes can causes molecules to accumulate and not break down such as Pompe Disease2. Illnesses due to peroxisomal defects are almost always fatal and cause death in infants3. Defects in mitochondria can cause autism because of a lack on energy being given to nuerons in the brain4. Defects in the cell membrane can cause Cystic Fibrosis which leads to severe scarring in the lungs and often death.5. Defects in the Golgi are linked to Alzheimer's

If elected my organelle will work with other's just as it always has. Most organelles aren't even able to function without the protiens that Ribosomes produce. Ribosomes work with the backbone of these organelles giving it a strong grass roots understanding. They would work with the RER by staying within it to recieve the RNA from the Nucleus that it needs. It will work with the Golgi by bringing it the proteins that it then sends out to the rest of the cell. Ribosomes will work with other organelles like this bee works with this flower.

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