Rhode Islands

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Rhode Islands


Narragansett Trabe

Famous People Roger WilliamsAnnna Hutchinson

They have a constitution . From 1663 to 1843 Rhode Island was governed under a Royal Charter granted by king Charles 2 of England . The new Rholde Island constriction much of it modeled on the royal charter was adopted in 1843

Roger Williams

They settled in the year 1636-1776. In 1636 Roger Williams was kicked out from the Masssachusetts Bay Colony. He settled on the trip of Narragansett Bay and was granted by Narragansett tribe.

When they Settled

Rhode Island


Map of Rhode Islande

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Roger Williams Founded it because separation of church and state, and politcal democracy. It became a refuge for people persecuted their religious beliefs

Why did they come

What did they use the colony For

Roger Williams banished from the Massachusetts Bay Colony for his religious views setted at the tip of Narragansett Bay on land granted to him by the Narragansett tribe. He called the site providence and declared it a place of religious freedom


King Phillips was an armed conflicted between Native Americans Inhabitsants of present day New England Colonies and Native Americans allies in 1675-1678


Still today the old Slater Mill (Historic Museum in Pawtuckucket, Rhode Island) is being haunted

Other Facts


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