Rhode Island

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Rhode Island

Rhode Island

Rhode Island, known as the Ocean state and the Plantation state is the smallest state in America. It was founded by Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson after they were banished because of their stance in religious rights in 1636. It was part of the New England colonies.

Rhode Island's geography consists of mostly wooded areas and rolling hills. It also had sand spits, barrier beaches, lagoons, salt marshes, numerous streams, lakes and water falls.

Colonial Rhode Island's economy revolved highly around fishing, whaling, smithing and trade. The soil was poor for growing wheat but was useful for growing pumpkin, rye, squash and beans. in coastal towns, men also took to shipbuilding along with the fishing.

Cities of interest include Providence, Newport, Warwick, Cranston and Pawtucket. There were tailors, breweries, bakeries and butchers.

Most children in this colony went to schools to learn how to read and write, simple mathematics and history. the wives usually stayed home making butter and sewing clothes for the children. the men worked in a large variety of work including craftsmen, all coastal city jobs and farming.



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