Rhode Island

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Rhode Island

Rhode Island

Founders of Rhode Island: Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson

Rhode Island

Where Is Rhode Island Located?

Rhode Island Is Located South of Massachusettes and East of Conneticut

Rhode Island was founded in 1636 by Roger Williams and Anne Hutvhinson. Previously they had lived in Massachusetts but fled due to srict religion and for the seperation of Church and State

Economical Aspects-Rhode Island is a Small Colony ab0ut 1,776 square miles, but it being small has no effect on how it runs or grows. Rhode Island has about 400 miles worth of coastline; because of this advantage the people of Rhode Island would often have jobs of Whaling and FIshing. Also people would deal with lumber because of the forests in Rhode Island.

Social Aspects-The Reason why Rhode Island was founded was because the previous Colony that Anne Hutchinson and Roger Williams had lived in which was Massachusetts, had a really strict religion, and were not aloud to be of any other faith besides of the Puritan faith.

Political Aspects-Another reason why Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson left Massachusetts was for seperation of Church and State. In Massachusettes They put Church and State together so therefore all of the law making and electing always fell on religion. This soon led to why people died in the Salem Which Trials.

John Winthrop- He was a English Puritan and one of the Leaders of The Massachusetts Bay Colony, after his Election in 1637 he Banished Anne Hutchinson from the Colony due to different Political and Religious views.

Funfact- Another reason why people soon went to Rhode Island was because of The Salem Witch Trials


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