Rhode Island

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Rhode Island

Rhode Island

RegionRhode island is part of the New England Colonies

ClimateRhode Island is in the coldest reigon, mild and short summers, cold winters, and less disease

Land TypeFlat hills, lowlands, mountains with thick trees, rivers, and poor rocky soil, which was not good to grow plants

Date FoundColony founded in 1636 by Roger Williams OccupationsThe colonists' occupation was farming, fishing, whaling, and shipbuilding

Major ProductsFish, whales, forests, corn, pumpkins, rye, squash, and beans

ReligionsPuritans, who lived in Rhode Island, were English Protestants.

LeadersRoger Willams and Anne Hutchinson

Government StructureRhode Island was governed as a charter colony

Commerce Traded rum, fish, timber, furs, ships and livestock

Other FactsFist colonists came on the Ark and the Dove. In 1638, the Portsmouth Compact was signed. In 1663, King Charles 2nd granted the royal charter of Rhode Island. Rhode Island became a state on May 29, 1790.


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