Rhode Island

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Rhode Island

Location of Rhode Island The location of Rhode Island is along the coast of the northern Atlantic Ocean. It is the smallest state in the United States today. It was located in the New England Colonies region of the thriteen colonies.

Rhode Island

Founder of Rhode IslandThe founder of the colony of Rhode island was Roger Williams. The reason he founded the colony of Rhode Island was because he was banned from Mass. by the Mass. Bay Colony for his beliefs. So he left Massachusetts and started a new colony in present day Rhode Island that he called "Providence". His main reason for starting the colony of Rhode Island was so people could enjoy religious freedom. He founded the colony of Rhode island in 1639.

Roger Williams

Economic AspectsSince Rhode Island was way up north in the colder climate regions and had poor soil for growing crops, they mainly stuck to the ocean business. People in the colony of Rhode Island mostly did the whaling, fishing, and shipbuiliding along with the other New England colonies. They speared whales with harpoons, caught fish, and built the big ships for the New World. They were also involved in the Triangular Trade business.

Social AspectThe social aspect of Rhode Island was religious freedom. That is the main reason the colony of Rhode Island was started. The social life there was revolved around your own family and their needs. They allowed all sorts of religions in their colony and did not juge them for their beliefs.

Political AspectsThe political aspects of Rhode Island were revolved around the church. They also held town meeting where everone could participate in them and have a word in what they should do in their colony. The city of Newport was the center of ship buliding in the colonies and was the center of slave trade.

Anne HutchinsonAnne Hutchinson is my person of interest. She was another one of the founders of Rhode Island. She was the daughter of an Anglican pastor and lived in London most of her life. She was born and raised a Puritan. When she became an adult and went to Rhode Island. She married William Hutchinson and had 11 children. She found the religion too strict and they thought she was a threat to their religion. They put her and others they also thought a threat to their religion on trial and they found them guilty so the Massachusetts Bay Company banished her from the colony and she went and helped start the colony of Rhode Island.

Interesting Facts- Rhode Island is the smallest state in the United States. Only being 48 miles long and 37 miles wide.- Rhode Island is known as the "Ocean State" and boats over 400 miles of coastline. - During the colonial days Rhode Island was a hub for shipping and trading and tin the 19th century was a hub for textile mills.- Its date of statehood is May 29, 1790.- The capital of Rhode Island is Providence.- On Sept. 12, 1953 John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Bouvier got married in the state's oldest Catholic church.- Rhode Island is the only state that still celebrated the end of World War II on Victory Day.


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