Rhode Island

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Rhode Island

Rhode Island colony was founded in 1636.Roger Williams founded Rhode Island because he was kicked out of the Massachusetts Bay colony and arrived in what he named Providence. Rhode Island became America's 13th state in 1790--more than one hundred years after it was founded! It was the last of the original 13 colonies to become a state.

Roger Williams founded the colony of Rhode Island. He was a minister and a statesman. He made Rhode Island the most liberal colony. He gave freedom of religion and politics to everyone who came to the colony.


Rhode Island

Fun Facts

Rhode Island's Founder Roger Williams

Fun facts: The first motiona picture machine was invented in Rhode Island in 1867. The first female newspaper editor was in Rhode Island in 1762. Jumanji was written in Rhode Island. Rhode Island is the smallest state.

Colonial Life: SlaveryRhode Island was the only New England colony to have slaves.

Colonial Life: ReligionRhode Island had complete religious freedom.

Colonial Life: JobsRhode Island had lots of fur, timber, fish and whale products. People worked in these industries.


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