Rhode Island

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Rhode Island

As a colony with freedom of religion and self government, we welcome people with different religious beliefs and those banished from other colonies. We are home to the first Baptist Church, Jewish Synagogue, and one of the first Quaker meeting houses. We believe in separation of the church from the state. In our colony, male property owners are allowed to vote. Come join the colony with a government based on religious freedom and pure democracy.

Rhode Island

With our rolling hills and moderate temperatures good for farming, people come from all over to get some of this land.

No ideasgo unnoticed

Successful Crops:cornbarleypumpkinssquashpotatoes

Geography of Rhode Island

No need for trading with other countries,unlike Massachusetts we are fair traders when dealing with the natives

A Baptism

Looking for some great ways to make a living? Well here in Rhode Island you can be a fisher, whaler, shipbuilder, or a farmer!

Banished from Massachusetts for being a desentor and having defiant ideas, she traveled to Rhode Island to help start the colony.

In Rhode Island, family is key. Widowed women can own their husband's land and run the family themselves.

Roger Williams was banned from Massachusetts because of his

belief that a colony should not be able to impose religious beliefs on the people, and he proudly founded Rhode Island as a place for religious freedom in 1636.


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