Rhode Island Politics

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Rhode Island Politics

Rhode Island Politics

-1636-Roger Williams and others founded Providence, Rhode Island- He bought the land from the Native Americans instead of stealing it


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-1647-The settlements of Providence, Portsmouth,Newport,and Warwick joined together to form Rhode Island

-1663-England granted Rhode Island its second charter-contained the laws for governing the colony-granted religious freedom and self government-only landholders or thier oldest sons were able to vote-This remained for 180 years

-Govenor held the Executive power representing England-Govenors council was made of influencial men who assisted the Govenor and had judicial and administrive powers-Assembly was elected and represented the citizens-Town meetings

-Rhode Islanders refused to pay taxes imposed by the county court-The constables refused to call town meetings to apportion meetings or collect levies imposed by the courts-Rhode Island wasn't very successful at enforcing tax collection




Organization of Government

Charter of Rhode Island and Providence Plantation

-Harsh crimes resulted in harsh punishments-Lesser crimes resulted in minor punishments-murder, treason, piracy, theft,forgery, and highway robbery resulted in death, jail time, whippings, or being branded-Crimes like drunkedness and breaking sabbath resulted in fines, short jail terms, and being put in stocks


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