Rhode Island Daniel

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Social Studies

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Rhode Island Daniel

Rhode Island was founded in 1647 by Roger Williams

They were fromEngland

Roger Williams was forced to leave because he had different religious views

they were very religious they took care of animals they grew and harvested crops they cared for their children the women cooked and sewed the men farmed and they also hunted and the kids went to school and they did chores

they had a general store a sawmill ablack smith shop a barter system a free economic system a lumber industry a loggers company and they had naval stores

In 1638 the portsmouth compact was signed. In 1614 Dutch explorer Adreian Block visited the island he changed to the Isle of Rhodes or Rhode Island In 1636 Roger Williams a religious exile from massachusettes was the founder of providence as Rhode Islands settlements

charter an official paper in wich ceartain rights are given by a governmentto a person group or buisness

Dissent dissagreement

imports a product brought into the country

consent agreement

Expel to force to leave

common a grassy area shared by the towns people and used for grazing sheep cattle and other livestock

free market an economicsystem where people are free to chose the goods and services they buy and make

town meetingan assembly of people in a new england town that made laws and elected leaders

industryall the buisnesses that make one kind of product or offer one kind of service

exportsa product that leaves a country

Rhode Island



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