Rhode Island Colony

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Rhode Island Colony

The best place to live in all of America!!!

Rhode Island Colony

Roger Williams was a Puritan leader.He was born in Massachusetts on December 21, 1603. Massechusetts which was an anti-Puritan colony. The people there kicked him out. In 1636, he founded Rhode Island colony with the help of Ann Huchinson (right).

In Rhode Island Colony, there was religous freedom. In fact, it was the first colony to provide religious freedom and separation of church and state, thanks to Roger Williams. (see below) Because of this, people of all religions settled in Rhode Island, including Jews, Quakers, Puritans and Baptists. (right)

Roger Williams

When Roger Williams founded Rhode Island colony, the land was not uninhabitated. The Narragansett indians owned the land. Luckily, they were welcoming people, and they gave Williams some land at the tip of Narragansett Bay. He called the place Providence.

Rhode Island was named for the red clay on the shore. Its name was "Roodt Eylandt" which means red island in Dutch.

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In Rhode Island Colony there were many job opportunities. There was plenty of land for farming so most people were farmers (see above) and it was a coastal colony with good fishing so there were many fisherman (see above left). Other people were gunsmiths (see below) or wood workers (see left). Because of Rhode Island's religious freedom, a person could also be a religious leader of any religion (see right).


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