[2015] Anthony Rankel (Hodgeson): Rhode Island & New York

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[2015] Anthony Rankel (Hodgeson): Rhode Island & New York

Rhode Island & New York

New York played an infamous part in the American Revolution because it had some of the greatest but bloodiest battles. New York was referred to as a breadbasket colony, because the rich farmland. New York was part of the Middle Colonies.

Greatest work

ContrastThe population of New York was 4 times greater than Rhode Island in 1780.

CompareMen from New York & Rhode Island fought together against the British in many battles.

ContrastRhode Island had a strict Puritan religon, while New York welcomed many different religons.

Rhode Island was the first colony to declare independence, but the last colony to become a state.

Fun fact:

*this shows a map of the Long Island Battle*

Rhode Isalnd might be known for it's valuable ... trade? Rhode Island had been trading with Europe and the Bahamas since they were introduced to ships. It also declared independence from England on May 4, 1776, 2 months before the Declaration of Independence was signed. Rhode Island was part of the New England Colonies.

This is what they look like!


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