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Rhode Island

Rhode Island Geography

Rhode Island

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Rhode Island's economy consisted of jobs like farming(large cattle and dairy farms and small independent farms), lumbering, shipmakng, fishing, whaling, and trade. Also the thought of freedom did not extend to slaves. Sea merchants soon discovered wealth from the slave-trade industry. As a result Rhode Island became one of the biggest slave-trade centers in the world.

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Anne Hutchinson

Roger Williams

Two years after Williams and his followers settled Providence, a colonist named Anne Hutchinson was also forced to leave Massachusetts for preaching against the Puritans. She and her family followed Williams and made a settlement called Portsmouth. In 1647, these and other settlements joined together to become the colony of Rhode Island. In 1663, Rhode Island elected an assembly to govern the colony.

When a minister named Roger Williams began preaching different ideas, the Puritans put him on trial. Williams believed that everybody should have religious freedom. The Puritans tried to send Williams back to England. Instead he left his family and went south from Massachusetts. After walking for days, he met a group of Indians near Narragansett Bay. The Indians took care of him until spring. When his family and some friends found him, Williams bought a piece of land from the Indians for a settlement. He called it Providence.

Come visit Rhode Island. You can relax on the beach in the summer and have a fun snowball fight in the winter. You can find all sorts of jobs here like lumbering, fishing, whaling, and many others. We also have one of the biggest slave-trade centers in the world. How do you think the sea merchants make all their money? Not from fishing. In addition, we don't care what religion you are. Our founders wanted to set up a colony with religious freedom and it worked. No Puritans can pester you here.

Rhode Island's geography is coastal lowlands and flat, rocky woodlands. Rhode Island's climate is hot, humid summers and cold, snowy winters.


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