Rhinoceros Viper

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Rhinoceros Viper

Rhinoceros Viper

Latin Name : Bitis nasicornisCommon Name: Rhinoceros Viper

Habitat: Found widely across central tropical Africa from Guinea and Liberia on the western coast through the Congo to Kenya. Habitat: Rhinoceros vipers are a species of deep rain forests and often are associated with forest pools and low areas that flood regularly.

Cool Fact #1It averages 28–35 inches in length, but specimens as long as 4.3 feet are known

Cool fact #3gives birth to 6–35 brilliantly coloured young babies that are 8–10 inches long

Cool fact #2nocturnal and mainly terrestrial; it may be found in aquatic environments and in trees at times. Although it is a sluggish and slow-moving snake, it can strike sideways and forward quickly



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