Rheumatiod Arthritis

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Rheumatiod Arthritis

1. caused by an autoimmune disease2. cause pain and swelling in the joints3. causes damage to the synovium (lining of the joints)4. causes the joint pain and destruction5. It usually occurs between the ages of twenty through sixty6. This disease is three times more common in woman than in men.

1. It is treated by certain medications, physical therapy, and exercise 2.Remember, these only delay the effect of rheumatiod arthritis3. They do not eliminate the disease

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What is it?

1. It is unknown what causes rheumatiod arthitis2. It is possible that it is most likely caused by gentic inheritance. 3.However your genes don't cause it, they only make your body more susceptible to environmental factors that can cause the disease.


Rheumatiod Arthritis

1. Fatigue2. Morning Stifess3. Muscle Aches4. Los of Appetite5. Weakness6. Deformity of Joints

1. Since there is no known cause for rheumatiod arthritis, there is no known way to prevent it 2.There are ways to delay any chance of getting it by exercising and not smoking.



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