Revolutionary War

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Revolutionary War

Late 1777

Revolutionary WarWhy the Americans Won

The Beginning of the War

July, 4th, 1776

George Washington- He helped because he was the leader of the Army.

Decloration of Independence- This helped because it stated that the United States was going to be a free country.

Battle of Trenton and Princeton- This was the first victory for the Patriots

December 31, 1776

September 1779

Winter 1777

June 21, 1779

Juan de Miralles- He persuaded Cuba, Mexico, and Spain to send money for the war.

Winter 1777


John Pual Jones- John Pual Jones went the the British and won a battle and took one of their Navel Ships.

Thaddeus Ko´sciuszko- He helped build important defences for the Americans

Febuary 1778

October 17,1777

France - France declared war on Great Britian. This helped because now we have more men, supplies, and money.

Benjamin Franklin- Benjiamin Franklin had been in France for a year trying to get the French to support the Patriots and once he had heard news of the Battle of Saratoga he told the French and they came to the Patriots side Spain also came when they heard.

Friedrich von Steuben- He helped train the Patriots at Valley Forge.

Winter 1777

Kings Mountain- The Patriots captured a British led Loyalist force about 1,000

Marquis de Lafayette- He became Washingtons most trusted advisor.

Battle of Saratoga- This helped because it changed the course of the war, because France and Spain came to the Patriots side.


Spain- Spain declared war on Great Britian.

April 1781

September 1783

Battle of Yorktown- Cornwallis is trapped in York town and surrendures.

The Treaty of Paris- The Treaty of Paris was signed and that stated that we were a free country.


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