Revolutionary War

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Revolutionary War

What makes the Revolutionary war significant? First of all, the war attracted political intelligentsia (political elite) throughout Europe. It's sucess strengthened the concept of natural rights throughout the whole world. This war also inspired the French which led to the French Revolution later on.

Simple ideas of freedom and democracy were kept alive though slogans such as "no taxation without reprentation" and "give me liberty or give me Death," which influenced people everywhere. Leaders even changed how they ran things to meet these new standerds. The last reason why this war is so signifigant is the fact that a small little army beat the strongest millitary force of its time.

The Revolutionary War was the most important war for America. If we had lost, we would still be controlled by the British!

The Revolutionary War began as a war between Great Britan and former 13 British colonies in the continent of North America. This lasted from 1775 all the way up to 1783. The colonies were fighting for freedom because they were treated very unfairly. For example, they were forced to pay taxes, but didn't get any representation in the British Parliament. This is where the saying "no taxation without representation" came from.




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