Revolutionary War

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Revolutionary War

SlavesSlaves fighting in the war boosted the army's size by over 5,000 soldiers.

Battle of Princeton and TrentonHelped keep more men in the continental army.

Revolutionary War

July 4, 1776

Jan. 1776

Feb. 27, 1776

Dec. 25, 1776

Oct. 17, 1777


June 13, 1777

Declaration of IndepenceExpressed the ideas of the Patriots and started the Revolution.

Battle of Moore's CreekPatriots crushed British forces, little fight but huge impact.

Marquis de LafayetteOffered service for free and began a trusted aide.

Battle of SaratogaMajor turing point in the war, convinced France to help.

Oct. 17, 1777

British General MistakesDidn't follow plans (got scared, followed false trail, ok too long) and had to surrender.

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Jaun de MirallesConvinced Spain, Mexico, and Cuba to send money to the Patriots.


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