Revolutionary War Timeline

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Revolutionary War Timeline

The Declaration of Independence

Revolutionary War Timeline



Late August, 1776

George Washington

A Patriot win that boosted morale and kept soldiers in the war.

In the battle of Saratoga the patriots distracted all three of the British generals and they went the wrong the direction.

Officialy stated that the colonists were breaking away.

He trained the Continental Army at Valley Forge.

George Washington was the leader of the Continental Army that fought many battles to help gain freedom.

Sent money, supplies and men to fight for the Patriots.

Was a great general and Washington's most trusted aide.

The Battle of Trenton

Bad Generals

Marquis De Lafayette

June, 1777

February, 1778

April, 1778



Friedrich Von Steuben


John Paul Jones



Captured a whole British ship write off the british coast. He made the British question why they were still in the war.

Spain sent Money and supplies but did not directly ally with the Patriots.

Battle at King Mountain

Guerilla Warfare Tactics

August, 1780

September, 1780

This battle made the mountain people and loyalists mad at the British and got them fighting.

Patriots would run through the woods in small groups picking a couple soldiers off at a time. The Patriots knew the land better so the British were at a disdvantage.

Battle at Guilford Courthouse

Made Cornwallis give up his campaigns in the south.

January, 1781

Treaty of Paris

Cornwallis Sheltering and Retreating

July, 1781

Officially ended the war.

He retreated to Yorktown which led to the battle of Yorktown.


Battle of Yorktown

The last major battle of the war. The Patriots captured all off Cornwallis's troops.



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