Revolutionary War Timeline

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Revolutionary War Timeline

Revalutionary War Timeline

July 4, 1776. The Declartion of Independence was signed.

Lafayette was Washington's right hand man. Was usually loved by the soldiers so it boosted morale.

Battle of Saratoga takes place

George Washington becomes the Americans leading general.

This helped the Americans win because he was probably the best general in the war.

July 27, 1777- Marquis de Lafayette arrives in Philadelphia.

December 1776- Battle of Trenton

It is important because General Washington surprised the British in Trenton.

This is important because it helped start the war for independence.


October 17, 1777France joins the war.

Winter at Valley Forge

This is important in the war because that gave the American's more supplies and a navy.

France joins the war thanks in part to the victory at the battle of Saratoga.

The Battle of Saratoga isimportant because it messed up the British's plan to take control of New York.

Francis Marion

Hit-and-run tactics were used by Francis Marion. This was important to the war because it kept surprising the British troops in the South.

Francis Marion used hit-and-runtactics to try to defeat the British. This really helped the Americans.

Hit-and-run tactics

Fredrich von Steuben

Valley Forge was tough for a lot of soilders. It was tough because the British had encountered their supplies that Congress left for them.So for that reason the soilders kind ofstarved.

Fredrich von Stuben wasimportant because he helpedtrain the troops at Valley Forge so the army could try to stopthe British.

The battle of Yorktown waskey to the American's war win becausethey trapped General Cornwallis.

1779- Spain declares war on Great Britain.

This is important for theAmerican's because itgives them more supplies and money for the war.

1781- The Battle of Yorktown

The Treaty of Paris was important because it offically ended the war.

1783- The Treaty of Paris

January 3, 1777- The Battle of Prinston

This is important becausethis was the second major attck the American's had won in a coupleof days.


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