Revolutionary war Timeline

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Revolutionary war Timeline

Revolutionary war battles

Lexington and concord , bunker hill, long island, trenton, and Kelsie Sayler

Lexington and Concord

Battle was to win territory of bunker hill but took place on Breed's hill.1/6 th of all British officers killed in the war died here

Kings country, New YorkBritish wonFirst battle of New York

Morgan was a teamster in the French and Indian war.He wa severely punished during that war for stiking a British Officer and recevied 500 lashes with a cat o' nine tails.

Every year on Christmas day the "crossing of the delaware" is reenacted at washington crossing

Fought in Midldesex counrty, Massachusetts.Americans won

Bunker Hill

Long Island



April 19, 1775

January 17, 1781

August 27,1776

December 26,1776

June 17,1775

250 redcoats killed or wounded90 colonists killed or woundedThe news reached London on May 28

Near Chesnee, South CarolinaAmericans wonDaniel Morgan Commanded the Continetal trrops

First time the americans and british fought each other in formal battle linesFirst battle that took place with Washington

Breed's Hill in Charlestown Massachusetts.British won

Trenton , New JerseyThe Continental Army wonWashington force of about 2,400 attacked in two colmns from the north and the west


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