Revolutionary War Project 8th grade

by JakeMazzola1420
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Revolutionary War Project 8th grade

Washington Crossing the Delaware

The Boston Massacre

The Proclamation Act of 1763

Paul Revere's Ride

Faster! Before Dawn!

Washington crossing the Delaware gave way to a battle that was an American victory that wouldn't have been won by a head on assault.

Paul Revere warned the Americans of the British forces so they could prepare for battle giving the Americans victory.

The Regulors are out!

When an accidental shooting of civilians occurs, the Sons of Liberty turn it into propaganda to fuel hatred to Britian.

The document that declared independence from Britain. And declared America a free country.

The Declaration of Independence

We the People...

Benidict Arnold turned traitor to America giving away american intellegence.

Arnold Turns Traitor

A proclomation from the King...

No one appreciates me...

Britain taxed America, causing hatred towards the British.

.05 cents of tax on ea.


Taxation Without Representation

The Shot Heard Round' The World

The final battle of the Revolutionary War. American Victory.

The first shot fired in war that led to freedom of America.

The Battle of Trenton

The Battle of Yorktown

The suprise attack on the Hessians which resulted in not one American casualty, while Hessians suffered thousands.

After the French and Indian War, King George III creeated the law permitting settelers from traveling west over the Appalations.

Who shot first???

Not one American casualty!

Our british commander Cornwallis , surrenders...



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