Revolutionary War - George III

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Revolutionary War - George III

King George iii was the king of England during the duration of the Revolutionary war. He became king at the age of 23 and remained king until the day he died, which was January 29th 1820.

Who was King George iii?

King George was a very powerful man. He was king of England for 59 years, Which was longer than any other ruler before him. Most of the time, people didn't even reach the age of 59. During that time, he led the British to a victory in the Seven Years' War. He also passed all of the acts. Ones such as The Stamp Act, The Sugar Act, The Declaratory Act, The Twonshend Act and The Coercive Acts, commonly known among the colonists as the Intollerable Acts.

King George iii was born on June 4th, 1738. He was born in London, UK, along with his eight brothers and sisters. His parents were Fredrick, the prince of Wales, and Augusta of SaxeGotha.

What are his accomplishments?

When and where was he born?

What side of the War did he favor? Why?

How was he important to the American Revolution

King George iii was important to The American Revolution because he was the KIng of Englnd at the time. He controlled the British army and told them what to do. He was also important because he passed the acts and the taxes that angeredthe patriots, without these acts and taxes, the colonists wouldn't have rebelled and there most likley wouldn'thave been a Revolutionary War.

What happened to him after the War?

Obviously King George iii favored the British side of the Revolutionary War because he was their King. He believed that he could tax the colonists because he was their King, even though he was across the ocean.

King George was suffering from a brain disease that was causing him to have aches and pains, sometimes episodes of insanity. Doctors didn't know how to help him. People thought that he was unfit to rule.He suffered from two major periods of insanity, which would go on for months without end. He was usually kept in a straight jacket while doctors would try to figure out how to help him. After during his second period of insanity, his son, George iv became prince regent, he was the on ewho would make big decisions if he thought his father was to mad to make them himself.All the wars that Britian had fought had taken a huge toll on King George iii, he was barely sane at the time he passed. His wife and 15 children stood by him through everything until he died on January 29th, 1820. At the time he passed, he was angry bitter, and half mad.

Picture of King George iii

Picture of King George iii with his wife and six of their fifteen children.

"I wish nothing but good; therefor everyone who does not agree with me is a traitor and a scoundrel."

"Once vigorous measures appear to be the only means of bringing the Americans to a due submission to the mother country, the colonies will submit"

"The time is now cast; the colonies must either submit of triumph... we must not retreat."

"Born and educated in this country, I glory the name of Britton."

Additional Information

When he was a teenager, King George iii fell in love with a girl named Sarah Lenox. They promised each other that they would get married. When he told his parents about this, they disapproved. They stopped seeing each other. He wrote her a letter saying that his country was more important to him, that his duties were to his country, not his heart. King George iii later married Princess Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz. He never actually met his wife until their wedding day. They had fifteen children together.

Notable Actions during the Revolutionary War

During the Revolutionary War, King George did things such as... Passing all of the acts, commanding the armies, and trying to control the colonies from a very far distance. During the Revolutionary war, most of the Americans considered King George iii a tyrant. They thought that it was wrong of him to tax them .King George iii, however, thought that he needed to tax them because Britian was low of funds, and Britian's situations with other countries was becoming more and more expensive. The Americans asked King George iii to stop, but he refused to listen to their pleas. He ignored them and labeled the leaders of the rebelion tratiors.At the end of the war, he was finally accepting the fact that he could not beat the colonists. Reluctantly, he agreed to the terms of the Declaration of Independence, and no longer had control of America. The war officially ended on September 3rd 1783.


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