[2015] Anna Steinarsson: Revolutionary war

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[2015] Anna Steinarsson: Revolutionary war

Taxation without reprentation

Quartering Act

The quartering Act were two British laws passed by the Parliment in 1764-1774. It meant that colonial governments were forced to provide supplies and housing for for Britiah soldiers.

Proclamation of 1763

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French and Indian War

To raise money from the colonies the British used a tax. British citizens could be taxed only by there representatives in Parliment. But the colonists did not have any representatives in Parliment

The French and Indian War was the final colonial war. The British advantage was they had a bigger colonial population in Norht America. The French advantage was that they had numerous Native American tribes help them. The result was that the British won!

2 Fun Facts!1. Did you know the Boston Massacre started as a snowball fight!2.There was a 2nd Boston Tea Party,Bostonians once again sent tea slpashing in the harbor when men boarded The Fortune on March 1774

The proclamation of 1763 was when the British Government issued that the Native Americans living in the Appalachian Mountains that settlers are forbidden to move there. American Indians attacked many forts and houses byb 1763. Great Britain knew they had to do something to stop the fighting!

The Sons of Liberty were mad at the Parliment for the Tea Act. The Tea Act is where the tea was taxed! Samuel Adams led a group of men to the harbor and they dumped 324 crates of tea in the bay that night. After the British started the Intolerable Acts

The people started protesting and fighting. Many people were shot and killed.The colonists thought it was unfair and dangerous.

Boston Tea Party

Boston Massare

Events leading up to the Revolutionary War


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