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Social Studies
European history

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Revolutionary Journal

Napoleon Bonaparte was a french military leader and a political leader which named himself emperor of france , after king Louis XVI was executed. He brought solutions to France in a moment of dispair. Napoleon Bonaparte was someone who didn't just brought a moment of calm; he conquered many places calming down the place.But what really made him help france was his will of gain power. Napoleon Bonaparte after taking rights off, taking advantage of places that where not prepeared to be attacked, he won too many places. Well Napoleon reformed politics, education and religion in diferent ways. Well finally the glory of Napoleon was derrocated when he lost at waterloo and was given jail house, he loved doing stuff n ow he couldn't do a thing just wait. He died time later lonely and desesperated.

Reign of Terror

All started with Louis XVI he was not doing correctly his job. And later with Maria Antoinnette was worst; that couple was a disaster.Meanwhile Maria was waisting money louis wasnt doing much to help, any difference. Both were bad rulers, this led to their excecution.

After Louis XVI, the king of france was killed by the guillotine. Something called the reign of terror occured. This was if you don't follow the rules they proposed or if you aren't making them benefit you will die. With this they "gained" power with scaring people, which make them strong and at the same time coward.


Here we have an image which has an implicit content, this is because it says something without saying something. Here it shows how the first and the second state were taking advantage of the first state.


Sources- Social Studies book, Online Book-Social Studies notebook-Power Points showed in class

Revolutionary Journal


Bad Rulers


Actually, the image shown in the upper part is really sad. It shows how people in france were dying and starving. Also it shows the harsh conditions that the temperature, government ( kings ) make them pass throughout

Napoleon Bonaparte

“Qu’ils mangent de la brioche” THE GREAT PRINCESS

"Be proud of your people when you don't have to be ashamed of any it's social class."- Adolf Hitler


Hard times always lead to something great. Betsey Johnson

Hard times always bring good things, this is why we see France went from bad to super good. Here is a clear example when napoleon make, Austria make a congress for looking solutions for all wrong decisions Napoleon had. Well the congress was called the congress of Vienna a congress which was created for unduing what napoleon did.


Congress of Vienna


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