Revolutionary Components

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Revolutionary Components

Revolutionary Components

Iran: Islamic Revolution of 1979Causes: 1. Modernization by the Shah due to economic concerns such as the rising price of oil2. Political Concerns (Social Injustice, Foreign Policy, Reforms of the Shah)3. Social and Cultural Concerns (Changing the calendar, celebrating Iranian Monarchy, giving women more rights)Solutions:1. The Shah left Iran2. New Constitution3. New spiritual leader

Reform: a type of change that doesn't advocate the overthrow of basic institutions. Revolution: involves either a major revision or an overthrow of exisisting institutions. Coup d'etat: replace the leaders of a country with new leaders.These three components were all prevalent during the evolutionary era. Leaders were replaced (coup d'etat), relatively small changes were made (reform), and major changes were made as well (revolution).

Russia: Downfall of the Soviet UnionCauses:1. Stagnating economy2. Decentralization3. Local nationalismSolutions: 1. New president2. Setting up of Commonwealth of Independent States3. Russian Government takes over offices of USSR

NigeriaCauses:1. Tension between the different regions (North and West (Lagos))2. They all wanted independence from Britain and to secede3. The three regions couldn't agree on timing for gaining independence from Britain. which is an example of the political division that started the RevolutionSolutions:1. Gaining independence from Britain2. Taking on a British Parliamentary System3. Joining with Liberia and Togo in the "Monrovia Group," which advocated an extremely loose organization of African states.

China: Chinese RevolutionCauses:1. Formation of Chinese Communist Party who started land reform.2. Western imperialist intervention3. The Guomindang tried to unite China by defeating the warlords, which started war.Solutions:1. Civil War2. Communists founded the People's Republic of China3. Transfer of sovereignty over Taiwann

Great BritainCauses:1. People didn't like the idea of royal succession2. King James was a Catholic, and his son's birth changed the line of succession from his Protestant daughter3. Religious rivalry between Catholics and ProtestantsSolutions1. English Bill of Rights2. Replacement of James II by William and Mary3. The Magna Carta started the process of creating a democratic base to the Monarchy.

Mexico: Mexican RevolutionCauses:1. Dictatorship like ruling by Pofirio Diaz 2. Poor treatment of workers3. Disparity between rich and poorSolutions:1. Accession of Avila Camacho2. Debt was paid, so all parts of society took a liking to the government3. Cárdenas aided the Republicans during the Spanish Civil War and allowed many of them to come to Mexico after Franco's victory



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