States of Matter - Reversible Changes

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States of Matter - Reversible Changes

States of Matter - Reversible changes

What is a reversible change?



Our Jello Experiment


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Substance: something that takes up space, and has mass

When you change matter from a solid to a liquid to a gas and then you can still change it back, that is a reversible change.ICE (solid) WATER (liquid) STEAM (gas)Steam can be changed back to water, water can be changed back to ice.Ice - Water - Steam are all forms forms of water.When melting or freezing, a new substance is NOT made.Water just changes the way it looks.

Watch this video to learn more about reversible and non-reversible changes!

Reversible changes happen when you add heat or add cold to matterMelting, Boiling/Evaporation = Add HeatFreezing, Condensation = Add ColdWhen matter changes the way it looks (liquid to solid to gas) that is called a Physical Change, this is a reversible change

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Jello just changed its state! A new substance was not created. It still tasted like strawberry.


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