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this is a report on the book of Revelations.Who: John as an old man.Where: the island of PatmosWhen: approx. 95 anno domini.Why: to warn all the followers of God.

in Revelation:the devil is defeated,sin is banished,we're invited to live with God forever,the curse is removed,no more tears,the earth is made new,we can eat from the tree,we get paradise again,Death is defeated.

in Genesis:the sun is made,the devil wins,people sin,adam and eve hide from god,people are cursed,people cry,the earth is cursed,the fruit from the tree can't be eaten,we lose paradise,we're doomed to death.

John's stomach hurt because he ate an entire scroll!there will millions of angels praising the name of the lord.if you want to get an idea of what Jesus will look like in heaven then read Revelations 1:12-16

the beginning and the end



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