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Retinoblastoma page 2

- lots of monitoring and support needed during treatment- monitoring still important after treatment- Children normally just happy to be done with treatment- Parents often concerned that the cancer will return

Depends on… ~when diagnosed ~affecting one or both eyes ~germinal or not ~size and location of tumorRetinoblastoma is treated best at children’s cancer centers and is commonly treated with chemotherapy, cryotherapy, thermotherapy, and radiation therapy, or surgery (removal of whole eye if vision can't be saved).




What's life like?

What's germinal you ask? A germinal disorder is passed down through generations. In this case, the germinal cancer affects more parts of the body than just the eyes.

Here's a quick video about living with Retinoblastoma and how to detect it! (link)

Not a good look for your eye!

In one eye only?- chemotherapy first if vision can be saved.- surgery if vision can't be saved.- given orbital implant

In both eyes?- try to preserve vision in one eye- reduce tumor with chemo and radiation therapy- surgery is LAST RESORT ONLY!

Spread outside the eyes?- radiation therapy if it hasn't spread too far.- probably can't be cured if spread to distant parts --> lots of chemotherapy and stem cell transplants are best.

Hair loss, diet changes, and immunity reduction are likely side effects of treatment.


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