Retinal Detachment

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Retinal Detachment

Retinal Detachment

Macula Off Retinal Detachment

An emergent eye problem that occcurs when an important layer of tissue also known as your retina pulls away from the layer of blood vessels which provides nourishment for your eyes.

Macula On Retinal Detachment


1. Light Flashes2. Floaters-these can appear as spots, hairs or strings3. Screen or dark curtain coming over part of or all of visual field4. Slight feeling of heaviness in the eye

Signs and Symptoms

1.Thin Retina (Highly Nearsighted)2.As you age, your vitreous can shrink which tugs on your retina3. Eye Injury4. Advanced Diabetes


Surgery is almost always used when repairing retinal detachmentIf detected early enough the retinal hole or small detachment can be sealed off by lasers or by freezing (cryo)


The Macula is the part of the eye located in the center of the retina responsible for the detailed central vision (20/20)

Macula off retinal detachment is much more severe than macula on retinal detachment because it completely covers your macula leaving you with less vision and more complications

Normal Eye

For more information, please visit the Mayo Clinic website

Kevin Steck speaks about his experience with retinal detachment and the importance of seeking immediate medical attention

Retinal Detachment is a medical emergency that will lead to complete vision loss if not cared for- see an eye care professional immediately if experiencing symptoms

Example of floaters in vision

Did you know that only 1 in 15,000 people in the U.S experience retinal detachments?To find out more fun facts click here


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