Respiratory System

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Respiratory System

The Respiratory System

ORGANS/MAJOR PARTS1. NASAL PASSAGE/MOUTH: where air enters the body and is clean and warmed2. TRACHEA: leads air from mouth to the lungs3. LUNGS: 2 large sacs that protect the bronchioles and alveoli inside of it.4. BRONCHIOLES: tiny air passages that lead air from trachea to the alveoli5. ALVEOLI: tiny sacs inside the lungs that fill up with oxygen and help transport oxygen into the blood and remove carbon dioxide from the blood6. DIAPHRAGM: large muscle under the lungs that helps draw air in and out of the lungs

Function1. To take in clean oxygen for cells to use2. To remove carbon dioxide as a waste from cells

DISEASES/DISORDERS1. BRONCHITIS: infection of the bronchioles2. ASTHMA: when the bronchioles and alveoli swell up and can't take in oxygen3. EMPHYSEMA: disease of the alveoli where the alveoli lose their elasticity and can't take in oxygen.


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