Respiratory System

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Human Anatomy

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Respiratory System

Respiratory System

The Reparitory System is reponsible for pumping oxygen throughout your body to keep it alive. It does this so that the oxygen for the cells to actually stay alive because that is what the cells live on.

The heart pumps the blood after it has been oxygenated by the lungs.

Phneumonia is a common disease where the air sacks in your lungs fill with luquid or pus.

If you have phneumonia it can cause you to couph alot, have a high fever, or even have a hard time breathing.

There are many different things within the system. The oxygen enter through the nose or mouth and goes down the pharynx or throat. Then down the trachea through the lungs inot tiny brunchus tubes within the lugs. Lastly it goes throught the body and then returns to the heart. The bronchi are the two air tubes that branch off of from the trachea and go into the lungs. Alveolus is the tiny sac like structure present in the lungs which the gaseous exchange takes place inside the lungs with oxygen and CO2. Lastly the diaphram is a muscle that opens and closes the lungs to inhale and exhale air.


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